Kang Ha Neul Admits to Singing the Most During Karaoke Nights With Kim Woo Bin and Junho

Credit: SBS

Kang Ha Neul is ready to dazzle you as the special emcee of the SBS hit show My Little Old Boy.

Fresh off the heels of his recent hit comedy 30 Days, Kang is all set to captivate both the Mom Avengers (the mothers appearing on the show) and the viewers with his charming smile.

During the episode, Kang wasn’t shy about dishing on his own romantic style. Aligning himself with his straight-shooting character Hwang Yong Shik from the drama When the Camellia Blooms, he revealed, “Being a guy from Gyeongsang Province, when I fall in love, I go all in and express my feelings honestly.”

Not only did the actor swoon the Mom Avengers with his “confession in Gyeongsang dialect,” but he also admitted to a cute pretentious habit of writing sentimental quotes in his love letters to past girlfriends. MC Seo Jang Hoon couldn’t help but exclaim, “This guy’s not your average Joe.”

Switching gears, Kang also drew attention by sharing that when he hits the karaoke with actor pals Kim Woo Bin and Junho from the movie Twenty, he’s usually the “singer of the group.” The mothers were quick to request a performance, and Kang Ha Neul serenaded the room with Lee Moon Sae’s “When love passes by,” impressing the crowd.

Known not just for his dashing looks but also for his sterling character, the actor blushed at the outpouring of heartwarming stories about him. The studio was especially shocked to learn that Kang had once given an extraordinarily generous gift to a film crew member he had run into serendipitously, leaving everyone in the room speechless.

Catch all this and more of Kang Ha Neul’s irresistible allure on My Little Old Boy, scheduled to air on Sunday night at 9:05 PM KST.

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