Kim Ji Hoon Reveals What It Took to Embody Evil in ‘Ballerina’

kim ji hoon ballerina
kim ji hoon ballerina
Credit: Netflix

In a recent interview, Kim Ji Hoon opened up about his role as Choi, a sinister villain in Director Lee Chung Hyeon‘s new Netflix movie Ballerina. Choi is a suave yet deeply troubling figure who exploits women, using his dazzling looks, muscular physique, and luxury sports cars as bait.

Kim Ji Hoon didn’t immediately jump at the casting opportunity when it came his way. “This character really made me think. I was really unsure about taking on the role. He does something that a lot of people, especially women, would absolutely despise,” he shared. “Even my agency wanted to take a cautious approach.”

However, Kim eventually accepted the role, thanks to the engaging script and his faith and high expectations for director Lee Chung Hyeon and actor Jeon Jong Seo. He reflected, “I thought to myself, ‘This won’t be a black mark on my filmography; if done well, this could actually make a strong impression on people.'”

kim ji hoon ballerina
Credit: Netflix

And the result? He couldn’t be more pleased. “When I saw the final edit, I loved it so much. It was incredibly stylish and trendy—something I hadn’t envisioned while filming,” he said, further praising the director: “It just reaffirmed that he is an incredibly talented filmmaker.”

When asked about the most challenging scene to film, the actor brought up the movie’s final scene at the beach. “It was a scene where I had to let it all out and pour everything into my performance,” he recounted. “We started shooting as the sun was setting at the end of October; it was quite chilly, and we filmed until the sun came up.”

As for his co-star Jeon, Kim Ji Hoon didn’t hold back on the compliments. “Acting is an art, and Jong Seo is an exceptional artist,” he noted. “While some people like me have to work relentlessly to be recognized even a little as an artist, Jong Seo is someone who turns whatever she wants into art.”

Regarding the public romance between her and Director Lee, Kim Ji Hoon expressed occasional envy for their “deep affection” but clarified that their relationship “did not affect the flow of the shooting in any way.”

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