The Cast of ‘Arthdal Chronicles 2’ Give the Inside Scoop of the Show

arthdal chronicles 2 lee joon gi
arthdal chronicles 2 lee joon gi
Credit: Disney Plus

The stars of Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramoon, including Jang Dong Gun, Lee Joon Gi, Shin Se Kyung, and Kim Ok Vin, served up some unfiltered behind-the-scenes stories. This video gave fans some tantalizing details about the show’s pivotal moments across episodes 1-4.

In the video, Jang Dong Gun (Tagon), Lee Joon Gi (Eun Seom & Saya), Shin Se Kyung (Tanya), and Kim Ok Vin (Tae Alha) spilled the tea, from juicy anecdotes to their own acting pointers. Lee Joon Gi, who takes on the dual roles of Eun Seom and Saya, quipped, “Everyone on set is in love with Saya. Out of 10 people, 9 look for Saya. They even tell me to hurry up and get into Saya’s makeup.” He also revealed, “The way Tanya looks at Eun Seom and Saya is so different. That difference boosts my confidence as an actor.”

The actors didn’t shy away from discussing the show’s iconic scenes either. One highlight was Lee Joon Ki reflecting on a reunion with Tanya: “I cried so much that we had to shoot again. Just seeing Tanya made me tear up. The director and staff told me to keep my emotions in check because I was crying too hard.”

Speaking of show-stopping moments, Jang Dong Gun, Lee Joon Gi, and Kim Ok Vin gave viewers some incredible action sequences at the end of episode 4. On that note, Lee Joon Gi praised Kim Ok Vin’s stunt work as “something that only Kim Ok Vin can do.” The actress humorously chimed in, saying, “When shooting the sequences, I really want to cut off my skirt.”

Shin Se Kyung, who had particularly long lines to memorize in the same scene, added, “I think I could still deliver those lines today.” Jang Dong Gun shared, “When I read the script, I thought, ‘I absolutely have to do this scene.’ It resonated with me that much.” Lee Joon Gi also added, “It was a scene that all four of us had to emote in. There was a lot to think about how to do it without throwing off the balance.”

Don’t miss episodes 7 and 8, dropping on Disney Plus on the 8th.

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Source: Disney Plus

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