‘Love Reset’ First Review: ‘Filled With Unexpected Laughs’, ‘Offers Heartwarming Moments’

30 days movie korean
30 days movie korean
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Love Reset had its press screening and conference at CGV Yongsan on September 18th.

Kang Ha Neul, Jung So Min, Cho Min Soo, Kim Seon Young, Yoon Kyung Ho, Song Hae Na, Eom Ji Yoon, Hwang Se In, and director Nam Dae Jung attended the event and shared various stories related to the film.

The upcoming comedy film revolves around a married couple who decides to call it quits and file for divorce only to find themselves in a wild car crash just a day after trying to untangle their unfixable differences.

Jung So Min’s had to go through a major image transformation in Love Reset. Reflecting on playing the wacky wife Nara, she said, “I had a blast playing Nara in the series. It’s funny because I’m usually pretty introverted and cautious around people, but stepping into Nara’s shoes, who’s all upfront and unapologetic, was like breathing fresh air. I didn’t even realize it at the time, but it was such a cathartic experience!”

Kang Ha Neul took on the role of Jung Yeol, the weathered husband married to So Min’s character in the movie. He was the talk of the event, with everyone buzzing about how he brought a vibrant energy to the set. Cho Min Soo and the director especially praised him for bringing positive energy on set.

Now, let’s see how the media saw Love Reset.

30 days movie korean
Credit: ZAPZEE

The Daily Sports: Love Reset is a clever and funny film with a finely crafted storyline that’s sure to resonate with a broad audience. It appears that director Nam Dae Jung’s distinctive sense of humor is about to receive the recognition it deserves. Nam Dae Jung’s movies expertly blend the emotions of underdog characters with clever humor, creating heartwarming and enjoyable experiences. This film consistently delivers its humor from beginning to end without losing its way, ultimately reaching its intended destination. Kang Ha Neul’s portrayal of Jung Yeol is noteworthy, as he strikes a balance between his handsome appearance and a relatable loser-like quality, making his character endearing without overdoing it. Jung So Min, in her role as Nara, also exudes immense charm. Kim Sun Young, playing the mother-in-law, and Cho Min Soo, as Nara’s mother, contribute to the laughter with their comedic interactions.

SPOTV NEWS: Love Reset has this quirky charm that pulls you in even harder the more you try to resist. When the end credits roll, all that’s left are big smiles. Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min, who first stole hearts as an adorable on-screen couple in the 2015 movie Twenty, bring even more chemistry to Love Reset. Their performances are earning praise like “Now I get why they hire experienced professionals,” as they take comedy to the next level. Cho Min Soo also stands out, bringing her typical “stern and icy” movie character to this film with a delightful twist. What’s refreshing is that there are no forced laugh-out-loud moments in the movie. Instead of relying on profanity and violence for cheap laughs, Love Reset excels in naturally weaving subtle humor into relatable situations.

Sports Khan: What went wrong here? Despite bringing Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min together in a romantic comedy, there is no spark between them. The intentionally placed comedic characters fail to blend seamlessly, and the contrived situations meant to induce laughter fall flat, with their intentions being too transparent. In particular, Nami (played by Hwang Se In), Nara’s younger sister, comes across as overly rude just for comic effect, and her excessive presence disrupts the story’s flow. The silver lining, however, is the performances of Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min. Kang Ha Neul exudes his unique charm as the “endearing yet somewhat annoying guy,” while Jung So Min fearlessly embraces her image transformation into a tough and quirky woman. Cho Min Soo’s unconventional transformation also adds an intriguing element to the mix.

OSEN: Love Reset follows the basic rules of a romantic comedy but throws in unexpected laughs at just the right moments by avoiding sticking to the tired old clichés. It also takes a refreshing detour from the usual romantic clichés, giving us something new to enjoy. Kang Ha Neul’s role as the clumsy and playful Jung Yeol is a standout. He goes beyond the comedic parts he’s known for and shows us a side we haven’t seen before, making his character feel relatable and real. And don’t forget Cho Min Soo, who plays Nara’s mom. She ditches her usual charismatic roles for something different, creating a character that shows us the unwavering love of a parent for their child, no matter the circumstances.

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