Song Joong Ki Finally Addresses His Comment About Parenthood and Losing Jobs

song joong ki interview
song joong ki interview
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Song Joong Ki has addressed his recent remark about taking a career break in an interview for his movie Hopeless.

Earlier, the actor had an interview with a Chinese media outlet named Sina Entertainment at the Cannes Film Festival. During the interview, he was asked, “Your movie will be screened at Cannes, and your baby is on the way. In China, there’s a saying that goes, ‘A double harvest in work and family life.’ How do you feel about this situation?” Song Joong Ki replied, “Becoming a father and a husband sometimes mean losing your job in this industry. In this industry’s sense, it seems like having your own family leads to more job losses these days.” His comment immediately stirred discussions.

Following the controversy, the actor revealed his feelings about the reaction. Recalling what happened, he said, “I understand people’s reaction. It was talked about more than I expected. My friends told me about this when I was with my baby in Italy. Frankly, I never expected that my comment would cause such a big misunderstanding. But I realized that can happen because I spoke in English, which is not my first language, in that interview.” He continued, “I should have been more cautious about expressing my opinion and thought more about the impact of my remarks. For those who felt uncomfortable about my words, I am sorry and will be more careful with my choice of words in the future.”

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  • Nobody should judge him from the context of what he said. I commend him for being a respond human just by being a family man first , “that being a father”. And for those people who’s so narrow minded . You should also judge him for being a good actor not based of just because he took a break for his family. You’ve seen his movies, you should judge him of how good he portray each role that was given to him. Maybe you don’t know . Being a father is a full time job, it take guts to be one. And only few can handle it. What ever road you take go for it. !!!

    • I agree, I admire him for being a good husband and a good father to his child. Don’t listen to other people who are judging you, they have a narrow minded…In the Philippines if this celebrity get married, they still love them, the important you are a good person and love your family, .. take care of your family , that is very important and give your child a normal life… God bless you…

  • This should be the best of times for Asian talent to finally having found a supportive partner starting a family, is soured by the Asian media and some fans. After years of avoiding relationships not approved by the very same. We should be grateful for their wonderful performances they bring to us.
    Every human being needs is to have love and support from family, friends and others. That includes romantic relationships.
    Has anybody ever given a single thought how lonely it can be when you close the door to your trailer or hotel room after a hard day filming and there is nobody to physically talk to or hug you. Enduring such life style for decades. Unless you live with family. Women and men in the Asian entertainment industry have to bring tremendous mental strength to the table.
    It is time that their media and fans give them a break. You can still be a romantic lead as a married woman or man, that is called good acting.
    The Chinese actor Wallace Chung has nailed it being obviously happily married for many years. A lot of credit goes to his wife feeling secure about her husband’s commitment to their relationship and family.

    Song Joong Ki’s talent and solid performances will ensure him a place in the international film industry for decades to come.

    • Thanks for your pertinent analysis
      I think that Korea’s quest for perfection has been necessary to enable the country to progress but as far as the world of K-pop is concerned there is a lot to revieuw
      Thèse stars …belong neither to the agencies not to the fans
      They are just people doing a job they like to give us some hapiness and sometimes make us forget the little inconveniences of daily life
      It’s important for them to have a private life like any other human being
      Society’s behaviour is ruining their lives
      It would be interesting for a sociology student to write a thesis on this subject
      Have a nice day….!!!

  • I think what he said it’s true. I don’t think he take it out of context. He just said it because it if he felt that way. I can only sympathise with him as a doubt. It’s a good feeling, so donidLet that stop you from saying that.

  • Is it a cultural issue about actors/actresses? Are they considered to be only belonging to the public and no one else? Why would people be commenting about a father’s concern about having a child/marriage and NOT being able to work in his field? I honor him for his spoken words about his concerns! What man or woman wouldn’t be concerned for their family or their own livelihood? Please help me to understand this controversy. I am from the USA.

  • Kudoos to you Joong Ki. Even us non-celebrity persons have to take time off for our kids, and have lost jobs for taking too much time off for family. Focus on his work onscreen people, and leave his personal life alone! How would you like everything you said and did in your private life dissected?

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