Yoo Seung Ho’s New Gripping Thriller ‘The Deal’ to Premiere Next Month

yoo seung ho new drama
yoo seung ho new drama
Credit: Wavve

The upcoming series The Deal announced its release in October with two posters and a teaser.

Scheduled for release on October 6th, the gripping thriller The Deal dropped electrifying posters and trailer, setting the stage for a suspenseful narrative.

yoo seung ho new drama
Credit: Wavve

The posters instantly grab attention by showcasing a critical moment of three friends embroiled in a kidnapping. The varying expressions of the characters — from Jun Seong’ (Yoo Seung Ho) in deep contemplation to Jae Hyo (Kim Dong Hwi) with a chilling glare, and Min Woo (Yu Su Bin) bound and helpless — amplify curiosity about the events that unfold in their shared apartment. The tagline, “Today, we’re trading a friend,” captures the novelty of the plot and hints at the genre-specific thrills unique to this kidnap with a ransom of 10 billion KRW ($8.5 million).

The accompanying trailer, equally suspenseful, kicks off with the onset of the incident and encapsulates the raw emotions and conflicts among the three friends. While you can hear Min Woo’s heavy breathing from inside the closet, the tension is palpable as Jun Seong and Jae Hyo scramble to conceal their identities. The stakes are raised when Min Woo blurts out, “Lee Jung Seong, Song Jae Hyo. You guys tied me up?” triggering a volatile situation.

Adding to the unpredictable twists, a fraught standoff between Jae Hyo, who demands a ransom for Min Woo, and a visibly agitated Jun Seong, is intensified by the suspicious eyes of the aspiring police officer living next door, Su An (Lee Joo Young). Finally, the plot thickens as a ludicrous misunderstanding unfolds, suggesting that the amateurish kidnap was orchestrated by professionals, thereby fanning the flames of The Deal.

With its fresh and unprecedented subject and energetic performances by Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Dong Hwi, Yu Su Bin, and Lee Joo Young, the Wavve original series The Deal promises to captivate audiences. Meanwhile, the drama, invited to the On Screen section of Busan International Film Festival – Asia’s largest film festival – is already gaining attention as one of the most anticipated works of the second half of 2023.

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Source: Wavve

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