New Villian? Alternate Ending? Disney Plus ‘Moving’ Writer Teases With Unseen Storyline

Moving ending predictions
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus series Moving is enjoying immense popularity with fantastic reviews.

All eyes are on how the story will unfold in the next seven episodes of the show. What’s got everyone talking are the new characters in the upcoming episodes. During the script development for this remake, the original webtoon author, Kang Full, introduced new characters such as Frank (played by Ryu Seung Bum), and Lightning Man (Cha Tae Hyun). These fresh additions have generated considerable excitement, with particular attention on Frank, who has garnered significant interest for his role in eliminating former secret agents living inconspicuous lives while concealing their superhuman abilities.

Writer Kang Full has hinted at the introduction of another new character in an antagonistic role in the upcoming episodes. Go Youn Jung emphasized, “While many characters and actors are still under wraps, the story is set to become even more thrilling on a grander scale.”

As excitement grows, writer Kang Full shared, “While the ending will be somewhat like the original, there will be special surprises. But the main idea of the story stays the same: Good wins over bad. I usually like stories where the good guys win in this tough world.”

The possibility of ‘Moving’ getting a second season is on the rise, thanks to its positive reception in the Asia-Pacific region. Kang Full stated, “Once the show wraps up, I plan to take a few months off to relax before deciding on my next project. However, I’m thinking about the idea of making Season 2 or a new series that broadens the existing story.”

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