Rowoon Emerges as the New King of Rom-Coms in ‘Destined With You’

destined with you rowoon
destined with you rowoon
Credit: JTBC

If a fresh face dominates the rom-com landscape, it’s Rowoon from JTBC’s Destined With You.

In the show, he plays Jang Shin Yoo, a lawyer hit with a family curse that can only be broken by meeting “the owner of the neck amulet,” played by Jo Bo Ah. The chemistry is palpable, and the comedic timing Rowoon brings to the show adds another layer of enjoyment.

Rowoon’s romantic chops aren’t something new; he’s proven his mettle in past smash hits like Extraordinary You, She Would Never Know, and The King’s Affection. In this new role, he doesn’t fail to deliver, especially with the intricate relationship with his two-year girlfriend Yoon Na Yeon (Yura). While Shin Yoo comes off as cold and gruff to everyone else, he shifts gears when he looks at Na Yeon. He adds complexity when contemplating breaking up with Na Yeon because he fears his own pain will make her suffer.

The allure of Rowoon’s performance is further magnified by how he adapts his romantic acting depending on the co-star. When he’s with Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah), you can’t help but feel they’re linked by destiny. The two are caught in a web of intricate scenarios, from a fateful encounter to a “love potion.” From his straightforward manner and subtle checks on guys around Hong Jo, his charms crank up the immersion level.

As if nailing the romantic aspect wasn’t enough, Rowoon ups the ante with his comedic skills. He’s transformed what could be a rigid, grouchy lawyer into a delightful comedic standout. Whether he’s tossing out self-praising comments or delivering lines that could easily sound cheesy, he does it all with a dry wit that elevates the humor.

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  • Completely agreed with this observation. #Rowoon has proven himself as an amazing young actor to be reckoned with yet another brilliant romcom Destined With You. His delivery of cringey romantic lines with a straight face and un-romantic tone is hilarious. He’s a real comedy king.

  • Love him , love cast, can hardly wait for next episode!! Love the personality changes. He’s definitely on my list to watch his career flourish in the future. He had that “it” factor.

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