BTS’s V Hangs Out With a Lucky Fan for an Unforgettable Day

bts v news
bts v news
Credit: Dingo Story

BTS’ V brightened a fan’s day on the YouTube channel Dingo Story.

In the video, V met a fan named Ha Young, who aspires to become a female military officer. She had no expectation of encountering her favorite artist, but V made a surprise appearance and greeted her shyly with a friendly “Hi.”

During their conversation, she shared her reasons for pursuing her dream, stating, “If I become a soldier, it will not only benefit me but also my family. I want to be able to help my family.” In response, V warmly encouraged her by saying, “You’re already a wonderful daughter because your presence means the world to your parents.”

The two then enjoyed a variety of dishes together, including boiled pork, dumplings, and noodles. While watching V enjoy his noodles, Ha Young couldn’t help but be amazed and commented, “It feels like you’re a hologram. You’ve only existed in my imagination.” In a playful manner, V jokingly responded, “Sorry for bursting your bubble.”

Ha Young had previously mentioned that if she ever met V in person, she would like to go to an arcade and take photos at a photo booth. Aware of her wishes, V took her to an arcade, where they had a joyful time playing various games, including claw machines, shooting, air hockey, racing, and punching.

Later, they visited a self-photo studio and created unforgettable memories by taking photos together while wearing cute headbands.

On the way back in the car, V expressed his happiness, saying, “Today, you smiled so much that it made me happy too.” During the ride, Ha Young shared her concerns, admitting, “I appear fine on the outside, but I tend not to open up to others.” In response, V shared his own experiences, saying, “I didn’t have many friends during my middle school years. There was a time when I didn’t have any friends, and I felt like people hated me. But one day, you will definitely find someone you can confide in. Now, I have many like-minded friends.”

Finally, V expressed his gratitude, saying, “Thank you for being my fan. Stay healthy and strong. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors.” He added, “Thank you for spending time with me” and showed his sweet side by sharing a warm hug before bidding farewell to her.

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