Lee Min Ki and Han Ji Min on Frightening Variety Show Experience and Unexpected Friendship With Suzy

Credit: MMTG

JTBC’s Behind Your Touch stars – Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki and EXO’s Suho, made their appearances on the YouTube channel MMTG on August 24th.

Jaejae shared video footage of X-Man, in which Lee Min Ki appeared, and asked him about his experience of guest-starring in the show. The actor answered, “It was my first time appearing on a variety show. I can still remember shedding tears while heading back home. The vibe on set was more than intimidating. There was a segment in the show where all the new cast members had to dance as a way of introduction. I wasn’t exactly skilled in dancing, so I put in a lot of effort practicing before filming.

He added, “Even though everyone was chatting so lively, the moment the camera switched off, there would be this sudden silence. I had no clue how to fill those gaps. It made me feel really awkward and nervous.”

Credit: MMTG

Moving on to Han Ji Min, Jaejae mentioned her close friendship with Suzy.

The actress shared, “I actually bumped into her at a gathering once, and we even ended up going to a karaoke together. I was having dinner with the cast and crew of The Age of Shadows, including Gong Yoo and Shin Sung Rok. At that time, Sung Rok was filming Vagabond with Suzy, and he asked if it was alright for her to join us. I said yes, and she came over. After dinner, we decided to continue the fun at the karaoke.”

She went on, “While watching Suzy sing, I thought to myself, ‘This pretty girl has got some singing chops.’ Later on, I even got her a premium taxi. It’s something I usually do: I arrange a premium taxi for others while I take a regular one for myself.”

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