Choi Sooyoung Goes Candid About Finishing ‘Not Others’ and Jung Kyung Ho’s Reaction

choi sooyoung not others
choi sooyoung not others
Credit: Saram Entertainment

Choi Sooyoung has opened up in an interview about finishing the Genie TV original series Not Others.

Expressing her feelings about the show’s ending, Choi Sooyoung said, “It’s been a while since we filmed, but since the broadcast started, viewers have shown so much love. Everywhere I go, people are telling me how much they enjoy it. The worries I had while filming the drama seemed to have been well-received by the viewers, and I’m truly thankful for that.”

A confessed diehard fan of Jeon Hye Jin, Choi recalled, “I thought the script was fun, but then I wondered, Jeon Hye Jin as my mother, not even a colleague or sister'” She then conveyed, “The director said, ‘It seems like you think you need to support Jeon Hye Jin, but that’s not why I cast you. I want Jin Hee (Choi’s role) to have equal energy.’ I honestly felt intimidated just having Jeon Hye Jin in front of me, and the director saw that. I thought, ‘What should I do?'”

“He promised that no one would question my acting after this. I trusted him. And when I watched the edited version, I noticed that he really went the extra mile for me, especially in the areas of my performance that I was concerned about,” the actress expressed her gratitude. “Jeon Hye Jin just showered me with love. Meeting Director Lee Min Woo now was a turning point and a blessing.”

Furthermore, Choi added, “I really hope Not Others can set a positive example for dramas with female leads. If it does well, who knows? Maybe it’ll pave the way for more attempts like this. It’s got me thinking that there might be room for all sorts of family structures we haven’t explored before.”

Her boyfriend, actor Jung Kyung Ho, did not hesitate to show support. Choi and Jung Kyung Ho have been dating since January 2014. Choi smiled, saying, “Jung Kyung Ho loved Not Others so much. He watched the whole show and cared more about the ratings than me. Every morning, he sent me a text with the ratings.”

She added, “Having someone who cares even more about the results of my hard work and worries is something I’m very grateful for.” Regarding marriage plans, she laughed and said, “If there’s good news, I will let you know first.”

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