Curated Playlist: 3 Signature Tracks of ‘D.P.’ Season 2 Music Collaborators

Edited by Han Sung Soo
Translated by Eungee Joh

Netflix’s popular series D.P. wraps up its unfinished story in Season 2. D.P., which delves into the tale of military police chasing deserters, garnered immense love for its realistic portrayal of military injustice. The relatable narrative, stellar performances, and top-notch direction aren’t the only elements earning praise – the music adds another layer of excellence. Let’s take a look at the key figures behind the remarkable D.P. OST that contributed to its high quality.

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Director/Producer PRIMARILY

Known for his unique contributions to Korean hip-hop and R&B, PRIMARILY has blended diverse music genres and crafted a resonating producing style. Collaborations like “See Through” featuring Zion T and “Poison” by E-Sens have produced hit tracks. By skillfully blending elements of hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music through collaborations with various artists, he has taken a pioneering role in expanding the horizons of Korean music. He is respected as an innovative figure who has left an indelible mark on the K-pop industry.


HAN first captured attention with his feature on MILLIC’s “Treasure Island” from the 2017 album VIDA. Since then, he has been consistently creating music — composing, performing with bands, and releasing monthly singles as a singer-songwriter. With calming yet powerful vocals that explore various moods and tones, HAN’s participation in the D.P. series and Wavve Original drama Weak Hero Class 1 soundtrack has elevated him from a hidden gem to an artist everyone wants to hear. Recently, he joined the label PAIX PER MIL where he can create music that truly represents himself, and released the EP Youth!.

Kevin Oh

Debuted on K-pop Star in 2015, Kevin Oh showcased his versatile musicality and soulful voice through various TV appearances. Kevin Oh’s music is characterized by his soulful voice and his ability to convey emotions through his singing. Following K-pop Star, he dropped the EP Stardust and has since enriched his musical journey through diverse OST collaborations.

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