Is Soyou Neighbors With the President? Sistar Star’s Luxurious Rental House Revealed

sistar soyou house
sistar soyou house
Credit: Go After Breakfast

Soyou shared a glimpse of the luxurious apartment where she has been living for five years on Go After Breakfast.

Jang Sung Kyu visited Soyou’s Hannam-dong house and exclaimed in surprise, “This is awesome. It’s on another level. I just googled the monthly rent for this house and was shocked. Before this, Car, the Garden had the highest monthly rent. Here, you have to pay a whopping 12 million won ($9,270) per month.”

Soyou responded, saying, “The rent has risen, but I’m still paying the same amount as I’ve been living here for five years.” Sung Kyu commented, “I see. I heard many people moved out due to the unaffordable monthly rent. But you are doing great as you’ve been here for over five years.”

The singer expressed her satisfaction with the current house and said, “I would love to buy this house, but I can’t. I had lots of problems with my previous houses. When I lived in Cheongdam-dong, the house price skyrocketed after another celebrity’s house was shown on TV. I was then told to pay double the original rent I used to pay per month, so I moved out.”

She continued, “Later, I found a new house and spent nearly 200 million won ($154,370) on interior design. But I had to move out again when a new landlord took over the property. I made that decision as I knew it was not good for a celebrity to cause any controversy. Fortunately, one of my acquaintances introduced me to this house, and I’ve been living here for five years.”

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