BTS’ Jungkook Tears Up Upon Receiving ARMY’s Special Song Gift

BTS JungKook fan song
BTS JungKook fan song
Credit: Weverse

BTS’ Jungkook was moved to tears when ARMY surprised him with their special song.

On July 26th, the superstar had quality time with his fans on Weverse. When his fans mentioned that they made a special song for BTS, he asked, “ARMY’s love letter? You guys released this song? For real?”

Jungkook then found the music video for “Love Letters” and couldn’t contain his excitement, covering his mouth with his hands. As he watched the video, tears filled his eyes as he emotionally expressed, “Oh, you guys are making me cry.”

Surprised and moved, he asked, “When did you guys make this? How come I’m only finding out now? It was uploaded a month ago. I had no idea. It’s such a touching song. ARMY’s voices are amazing. Thank you,” and continued with praise, “The song is really good. How did I not know about this until now? Thank you so much. You are the best. ARMY is the best. I’m so grateful. Oh no, I rarely cry, but I really appreciate it.”

Jungkook’s excitement and surprise were evident as he continued, “After memorizing the lyrics, I’ll sing this song for you. We are a family, friends, and love. I can’t express how precious you all are to me. ARMY is the best. ‘Love Letters’ gave me goosebumps. We’ll stay together forever! I’m genuinely happy. It’s quite rare to receive a song gift from someone else. Your song truly warmed my heart.”

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