‘King the Land’ Episode 12 Recap: Junho’s Marriage News Throws YoonA Into Shock

king the land recap
king the land recap
Credit: JTBC

Episode 12 of JTBC’s King the Land teased the looming crisis ahead for Goo Won (played by Junho) and Sa Rang (YoonA) as his arranged marriage was revealed.

Goo Won and Sa Rang candidly revealed all their secrets to their friends. Upon discovering Goo Won’s notorious reputation, Oh Pyeong Hwa (Go Won Hee), Kang Da Eul (Kim Ga Eun), and Lee Ro Woon (Kim Jae Won) quickly changed their attitudes, reflecting on their actions and burst into laughter.

To heal Goo Won’s emotional wounds, Sa Rang personally met with a friend of his mother, Han Mi So, and received a picture. Later, whenever Goo Won missed his mom, Sa Rang took him to the beach they used to visit. Goo Won, who had never been able to hear stories about his mom no matter how much he asked, silently shed tears in the presence of someone who cared for him deeply.

However, as the hearts of Goo Won and Sa Rang grew closer, the burden they had to bear also increased. As Goo Hwa Ran’s (Kim Sun Young) position became precarious, she began suspecting the relationship between Goo Won and Sa Rang.

In an unexpected turn of events, Sa Rang came to Chairman Gu Il Hoon’s (played by Son Byung Ho) house and learned about Goo Won’s arranged marriage. Goo Won was also startled upon seeing Sa Rang in the same place. Sa Rang, shocked by the news of her beloved’s impending marriage, accidentally dropped a dish, and the room fell into a suffocating silence.

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