What Makes YoonA and Junho’s ‘King the Land’ So Popular?

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King the Land is often referred to as a rom-com full of clichés, but it clearly stands out from other rom-com dramas with its unique elements. Let’s take a look at the 3 aspects that are driving the show’s popularity:

1.No Annoying Supporting Characters

In the romantic comedy genre, supporting characters often disrupt the main couple’s relationship, devising schemes and creating conflicts to keep them apart. However, King the Land is refreshingly free from such frustrating plot developments. Instead, it presents a straightforward romance between Goo Won (played by Junho) as he falls for Cheon Sarang (YoonA) without any convoluted interference.

2. No Evil Family Members Getting in Their Way

King the Land follows the classic rom-com trope of a wealthy conglomerate heir falling in love with an ordinary employee, this time a hotelier. The economic and social gap between the two characters is enormous, but what sets this drama apart is the absence of villainous family members or frustrating plotlines that could make the poor female lead’s life more miserable.

The drama portrays the female lead, Cheon Sarang, as a competent and multilingual individual, excelling in her role as a kind-hearted employee at King Hotel. Her abilities and proactive personality lead her from an ordinary staff member to a top agent at the prestigious King the Land. By eliminating the typical subplots involving supporting characters and villainous families, the drama has garnered praise for its relaxed and enjoyable viewing experience.

3. No Overbearing Male Leads or Annoying Female Leads

 In some rom-com dramas, the “charismatic” male lead can sometimes display overbearing or violent behavior while being portrayed as “charming.” It’s important to draw a line and be cautious about such portrayals. In others dramas, female leads suddenly transforms to a passive character upon meeting a wealthy male protagonist. King the Land steers clear of both of these tropes. Junho, in a recent behind-the-scenes video, shared his approach to portraying Goo Won’s character. He emphasized, “I have two things to consider here. He must not be violent, and I shouldn’t raise my voice too much.” YoonA agreed, saying, “Absolutely.” They rehearsed several times to create a satisfying and well-balanced scene where love calms Goo Won’s frustration.

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