‘Lies Hidden in My Garden’ Episode 6 Recap: Kim Tae Hee Discovers Her Husband’s True Face

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The shocking truth behind the murder of Yoon Ga Yi (played by Lee Su Min) has finally been unveiled. It was none other than Park Jae Ho (Kim Sung Oh) who killed the runaway high school girl. In a heartbreaking twist, Moon Ju Ran (Kim Tae Hee) turns to Lim Ji Yeon to bring justice on her husband.

Episode 6 of Lies Hidden in My Garden delves into the mysterious death of Yoon Ga Yi (played by Lee Su Min) and the chaos she brought to Joo Ran’s (Kim Tae Hee) family.

Staying at her friend’s house, Yoon Ga Yi encounters Park Seung Jae (Cha Seong Je) on his way home and impulsively follows him inside. She confronts Seung Jae with a positive pregnancy test, taunting, “Your mother may be beautiful, but she can never outshine me in any way.” Overwhelmed with shock, Seung Jae pushes Su Min down the stairs, leading to a horrifying scene as dark red blood stains the floor.

Park Jae Ho rushes home upon receiving a call from Seung Jae and puts Su Min in a closet on the second floor. He then drugs Joo Ran and her son before sneaking away with the body hidden in a fishing bag.

Later in the show, Seung Je confesses to Ju Ran, saying, “Mom, I saw it all. I saw Dad kill Lee Su Min.” He reveals that Yoon Ga Yi was still alive even after being taken to the closet. However, the scene switches to Jae Ho moving her to the front yard, where he strangles her. She tragically passes away while desperately watching Seung Je on the second floor.

In the preview trailer, Sang Eun remarks, “Do you know what you’re getting into, Ms. Moon? Contract killing.” Joo Ran responds, “Please, I need your assistance. It’s possible if you help me.”

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