Kim Seon Ho on His Journey to the Silver Screen, Inspirations, and More

kim seon ho the childe
kim seon ho the childe
Credit: Arena Homme Plus Korea

Arena Homme Plus Korea unveiled the pictorial and interview of Kim Seon Ho, who delved into behind-the-scenes stories about his casting for the film The Childe, his list of life-changing films and plays, and what he thinks makes a “good actor.”


The Childe marks Kim Seon Ho’s debut in the silver screen. The film, directed by The Witch series director Park Hoon Jung, is highly anticipated and set for release on June 21st. Quoting what Director Park told him, the actor commented, “I was recommended by people around him. That actually wasn’t the first time, but back then, he didn’t like my profile picture (laughs). ‘This face doesn’t seem like noir,’ he thought. But he got the recommandation again, and he thought, ‘Well, let’s see the real face.'”

kim seon ho the childe
Credit: Arena Homme Plus Korea
kim seon ho the childe
Credit: Arena Homme Plus Korea

Kim Seon Ho is an actor who is always asking questions and learning from everyone. When asked about role models, he responded, “I want to learn from everyone. I respect all the actors with more experience than me, especially. I think there are discoveries in acting too.” He added, “Consider how much the actor who first played the Joker must have pondered to nail that eerie laugh. That’s an achievement. Because those actors took the first step, I believe we can advance a bit faster.”

When asked how he wants to be remembered as an actor and a person 50 years from now, Kim said, “It would be nice to be remembered as someone who continued acting. As long as I can act, I think I would be happy no matter how I end up. As a person, I would like to be remembered as someone fun, someone people want to be around.”

The full photoshoot and interview of Kim Seon Ho will be featured in the July issue of Arena Homme Plus Korea.

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