Kim Tae Ri’s Exceptional Acting Elevates Anticipation for ‘Revenant’

revenant kim tae ri
revenant kim tae ri
Credit: SBS

Buzz is building around SBS’s new weekend drama Revenant following the release of captivating stills featuring Kim Tae Ri.


Revenant is a Korean-style occult mystery drama that tells the story of a woman possessed by a malevolent spirit and a man who can see this spirit as they unravel a series of mysterious deaths. The collaboration of Kim Tae Ri, known for her exceptional acting prowess, and Kingdom writer Kim Eun Hee has already marked Revenant as one of 2023’s most anticipated series.

Kim Tae Ri’s character, Koo San Young, is a hard-working student studying for her civil service exam by night and working part-time jobs by day as the breadwinner of her family. Despite being faced with a harsh reality, San Young perseveres, doing her utmost to live a diligent life. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she receives an object she should not have, leading to possession by an evil spirit.

revenant kim tae ri
Credit: SBS

The stills released by the production team on the 1st capture Kim Tae Ri’s dual portrayal as both San Young and the “Revenant.” While San Young struggles as she crams for her exams with her study notes, all the while making deliveries. However, the “Revenant” exploits San-young’s taxing desires, adding a chill to the air with the sinister gaze filled with malice.

Kim Tae Ri said of her decision to participate in the series, “The fact that it was a genre I haven’t tried before was the biggest attraction. I’ve been exposed to a lot of occult content lately, usually dealing with Western ghosts. However, Revenant is a Korean-style occult, which was quite refreshing, and that piqued my curiosity. And most importantly, it seemed like it would be fun.”

She further heightened expectations by hinting at the different personas she had to portray. “I made sure to really focus on each situation and, like, become a totally different person in an instant. It was all about bringing out those unique actions and making sure every little detail was on point. So, when you’re watching, I hope you pay extra attention to all those details.”

Revenant is dropping at 10 PM KST on June 23rd.

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