Lee Sang Heon and Jia Kim From ‘XO, Kitty’ Turn Out to be Real-Life Siblings

XO Kitty Lee Sang Heon
XO Kitty Lee Sang Heon
Credit: Netflix

It was recently revealed that Jia Kim and Lee Sang Heon, who star in Netflix’s series XO, Kitty, are actually siblings.


In an interview with Teen Vogue, Choi Min Young expressed her surprise upon discovering this truth and asked the interviewers if they were aware of their real-life sibling connection.

She recounted the story, saying, “The whole thing started when Anna Cathcart contacted me and Lee Sang Heon. While we were chatting in the group chat, Lee Sang Heon asked if his older sister could also join the conversation. I was about to inquire further when he revealed that his sister would be playing the role of Yuri in the show. I was genuinely taken aback and couldn’t help but ask him what he meant by that,” recalling his initial reaction to learning about their relationship.

During a press conference, Lee Sang Heon and Jia Kim officially confirmed they are real-life siblings. Surprised by the revelation, Anna Cathcart shared, “At first, I thought they were just joking when I first heard about it. What’s even more surprising is that the casting director was unaware of their relationship. They auditioned separately and earned their roles.”

The siblings were reportedly born in Seoul and raised in Hong Kong. In the upcoming drama, they will portray the characters of Han Yuri and Minho, respectively.

The new series serves as a spin-off of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, with Anna Cathcart playing the role of Kitty, the younger sister of Lara Jean(Lana Condor). The story revolves around Kitty’s journey of developing a connection with a boy she met during her visit to South Korea, ultimately leading her to make the life-changing decision of residing in the foreign country due to her persistent thoughts about him.


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