Do Kyung Soo’s Mayday Call in ‘The Moon’ Teaser Heightens Anticipation for August Release

the moon korean movie release date
Credit: CJ ENM

Director Kim Yong Hwa’s upcoming space adventure The Moon has confirmed its release date for August 2nd and unveiled its launch poster and trailer on the 4th.

The Moon tells the story of astronaut Sun Woo, who becomes stranded on the Moon due to an accident, and former space center director Jae Guk, who desperately tries to save him. The film, which marks Kim Yong Hwa’s first space opera, has been generating buzz since the early stages of the production, particularly due to its stellar cast including Seol Kyung Gu, Do Kyung Soo, and Kim Hee Ae.

As the director behind the record-breaking Along with the Gods series, Kim Yong Hwa’s portrayal of South Korea’s first manned lunar exploration mission and the dramatic tale of isolation in space has piqued curiosity.

Seol Kyung Gu plays Jae Guk, the former space center director who tirelessly fights to rescue Sun Woo, who is left alone in space. Do Kyung Soo takes on the role of Sun Woo, the astronaut facing extreme circumstances 384,000 km away, while Kim Hee Ae turns into Moon Young, the chief director of the International Space Station. The Moon captures the dramatic survival story set between Earth and the Moon, boasting hyper-real visuals of the unknown realm of space.

The unveiled launch poster captivates viewers with its familiar yet mysterious visuals of the Moon and the lone astronaut standing on its surface. The image of the first Korean astronaut setting foot on the Moon evokes a strange sense of emotion and tension simultaneously. The released trailer stirs curiosity with awe-inspiring lunar landscapes and echoes of Do Kyung Soo’s mayday call, sparking interest in how a solitary individual will survive in the vastness of space.

Source: CJ ENM

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