Jennie Stuns With Korean-Inspired Hair and a $29,000 Diamond Earring at the 2023 Met Gala

jennie met gala 2023
jennie met gala 2023
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Jennie from BLACKPINK stunned fans with her “human Chanel” look at the highly-anticipated 2023 Met Gala.


The K-pop sensation looked absolutely breathtaking in a dazzling white mini-dress that perfectly reinterpreted Chanel’s iconic 1990s runway dress. She paired it with chic black tights, sophisticated high heels, and long gloves that exuded pure luxury. To complete the look, Jennie donned a trendy choker around her neck and adorned her hair with a stunning white camellia flower, which is a signature of the famous French fashion house.

jennie met gala 2023
Credit: @jendeukestyle

She further stunned onlookers with a jaw-dropping diamond earring that sparkled brightly on one ear. The piece in question was Chanel’s coveted Ruban earring, a stunning pair of white gold earrings embellished with a mesmerizing 1.10 carats of diamonds, carrying a staggering price tag of 32.8 million won.

Meanwhile, Vogue has released a new video on YouTube showcasing Jennie’s preparation process leading up to the highly anticipated 2023 Met Gala. The video features a behind-the-scenes look at Jennie’s last-minute styling check as she gets ready to attend the event.

In the video, Jennie reveals that this will be her debut appearance at the Met Gala, and she candidly shares her emotions by saying she’s both thrilled and nervous. As for her makeup, she describes it as a departure from her typical style, with “shimmering eyes but matte skin.” “It’s different from what I usually do,” she adds.

Jennie styled her hair in a unique and eye-catching way by braiding it and using it as a headband. To complete the look, she added a white camellia flower as a nod to Chanel’s signature bloom. In a behind-the-scenes video, Jennie revealed that she took inspiration from traditional Korean hairstyles and incorporated it into her Met Gala look as a way to pay tribute to her heritage. “I wanted to infuse my culture into my appearance for the event,” she shared.

She also talked about her experience performing on stage during the tour and as the Coachella headliner over the past six months. Jennie looked back and said, “Standing on the Coachella stage during the tour was a challenge we had to overcome,” and “We had to do everything from the show to rehearsal, but it was a dream come true.”

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