‘Boys Planet’ Seok Matthew Jealous of Jang Hao and Sung Hanbin’s Chemistry

sung hanbin zhang hao
sung hanbin zhang hao
Credit: Mnet

Mnet’s Boys Planet TOP9 Commentary featured the final debut group ZEROBASEONE members, who shared behind-the-scenes moments.


Seok Matthew chose “Say My Name” as the most memorable stage. Lim Hanbyeol jokingly asked if it was because the song performed well on music charts, he denied it and explained, “The members had a great time together, and it was clear the fans were enjoying it too.”

Kim Jiwoong, who performed the song with him, revealed that his facial muscles hurt a lot during practice, making it difficult to keep a smile on. However, he then added, “But I got to smile for real when doing the actual performance.”

Kim Taerae’s MBTI was ENTJ, making him the only member of ZEROBASEONE with a T personality type. Zhang Hao, with an ISFP personality, was the only member with an I type. Surprised by the fact that all the members except Zhang Hao were E types, Lim Hanbyeol exclaimed, “The dorm must be so noisy!” Meanwhile, Riki was simply known as ‘Riki who doesn’t know his MBTI.’ The members teased Riki by saying his MBTI was “R.I.C.H,” which caused a burst of laughter.

Zhang Hao claimed that he had never been surprised by his own behavior on television, explaining, “I always think before I act or speak,” which garnered admiration from others.

Kim Jiwoong, Seok Matthew, Zhang Hao, and Kim Taerae admitted that there was still awkwardness among the members. Kim Jiwoong and Zhang Hao pointed to each other and confessed, “We probably had about six or seven conversations by now.” Despite this, Zhang Hao shared a heartwarming moment when he mentioned, “This afternoon, Jiwoong said to me, ‘Hao, let’s become friends starting today.'”

Seok Matthew named Kim Taerae and Riki as the members he feels awkward with, while Kim Taerae mentioned Zhang Hao and Seok Matthew. Seok Matthew said, “It’s not so much awkwardness, but more like not knowing them well enough. Riki has snacks and money. But I know that Riki is a nice guy.” However, when Riki seemed genuinely hurt, Seok Matthew playfully declared he would run away, giving a big laugh. Han Yujin confessed that he wanted to be friends with Kim Taerae from the beginning, often giving him the eyes of “I want to be your friend.”

Zhang Hao and Sung Hanbin were selected as the members with the best chemistry in ZEROBASEONE. Sung Hanbin revealed, “When we first talked, I felt that click. We are similar. It was like talking to a mirror.” Zhang Hao, on the other hand, shared an episode where he only remembered Sung Hanbin’s name after the Star Level Test interview, which left everyone in awe.

Feeling left out, Seok Matthew jokingly expressed jealousy, saying, “It’s making me jealous. Why are you doing that (Hanbin)?” He then changed his mind and playfully declared, “I have Jiwoong now,” bringing amusement to everyone.

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