The 59th Baeksang Arts Awards: Who Will Take Home the Best Actor/Actress Trophy?

baeksang awards 2023

Who will be honored with the Best Actor/Actress trophy in the TV category at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards? With such a strong lineup of ten nominees, it’s a shame there’s only one trophy to be awarded.

TV Category – Best Actor
baeksang awards 2023
Credit: JTBC, tvN, Disney Plus

Son Suk Ku has swept the nation with his portrayal in My Liberation Notes, leaving viewers in “Gu Fever.” Starting with just a single line of dialogue in the first episode, his presence grew increasingly strong as the show progressed. His every word and action not only resolved Kim Ji Won’s (playing Yeom Mi Jeong) emotional baggage but also captivated the audience.

Lee Byung Hun made a triumphant return to the small screen after about four years with a stunning performance as Dong Seok in Our Blues. Although it was an omnibus piece featuring multiple actors, his presence was overwhelming. His chemistry with Kim Hye Ja, who played his mother in the series, left a lasting impression.

Lee Sung Min took on the role of Jin Yang Cheol in Reborn Rich, exuding fierce charisma. In episode 11, Jin Yang Cheol suddenly breaks down in tears and acts like a child, showing symptoms of delirium. But it was Lee Sung Min’s brilliant performance, which even altered the flow of air, that stole the show.

Jung Kyung Ho boasted incredible chemistry with Jeon Do Yeon, who is ten years his senior, in Crash Course in Romance. And it’s thanks to Jung Kyung Ho’s charms and performance that Choi Chi Yeol came across as prickly yet lovable.

Choi Min Sik brilliantly led the series Big Bet. Returning to television after 25 years, he meticulously portrayed the inner struggles of a character who has lived a life of constant change.

TV Category – Best Actress
baeksang awards 2023
Credit: ENA, Netflix, JTBC, Coupang Play, tvN

My Liberation Notes showcased a different side of Kim Ji Won. With her deep gaze and soft narration, she perfected her character. Despite the challenging role, she completed it with stability.

Kim Hye Soo met viewers as Queen Im Hwaryeong who jumps into a royal education war for her troublemaking sons in the drama Under the Queen’s Umbrella. Her multidimensional portrayal of the character allowed the show a different charm compared to traditional historical dramas.

Park Eun Bin became a new sensation with her portrayal of the brilliant but eccentric attorney Woo Young Woo in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, the highest-rated series since the founding of ENA. Her excellent portrayal of the attorney with autism spectrum disorder garnered love not only in Korea but also internationally.

Song Hye Kyo showed a new side of herself in The Glory. Temporarily stepping down from her “Romance Queen” title, she transformed into a vengeful woman, earning rave reviews for opening a new chapter in her acting career.

Suzy demonstrated her matured acting skills through Anna. She successfully carried the weight of a title role, meticulously capturing the psychological and emotional changes in her role that goes from Yumi to Anna.

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