Jisoo from BLACKPINK Talks About Support From Bandmates and Fans for Her First Solo Debut

blackpink jisoo solo album
Blackpink Jisoo ME
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Jisoo from BLACKPINK gave fans a sneak peek into her upcoming solo album, ME, one day before its official release.

Q. This is your first solo album. How do you feel about the release?

I’ve been eagerly waiting for this release and checking out the fans’ reactions to the teasers that have been released. I’m thrilled to finally showcase what I’ve been working on for a long time. If my fans love it, I’ll be beyond happy.

Q. Is there a particular aspect of the album ‘ME’ that you focused on the most?

I wanted to show a different side of me as a solo artist, not just as a member of BLACKPINK, so I tried to incorporate various unique elements that only I can bring to the table. By constantly exploring and developing music that only I can create, I discovered a new version of myself. I poured my heart and soul into every aspect of the album, including the music, concept, styling and music video, to tell my story.

Q. You’ve broken a new record even before your solo debut with over 1.3 million pre-orders. How does it feel?

Every time I hear the word “first,” it fills me with excitement and wonder. The tremendous support and anticipation from my fans are truly appreciated, and it motivates me to work even harder. I want to live up to their expectations, so I want to give my all until the very end. I wrapped up last year and began this year with my fans through the world tour. It’s incredibly exciting to also be releasing my debut solo album. Even though I didn’t plan to release the album during spring, the timing turned out to be perfect. I think it’s a good start.

Q. The teaser for your music video has been generating a lot of excitement. Can you give us some hints about what to watch for in your music video?

I am happy that the music video turned out to be everything I wanted it to be. We shot it on a set at Universal Studios in New York, and I have so many fond memories from the experience. The empty streets gave me a feeling of being in “The Truman Show” world. As for a little spoiler, there are various sides of Jisoo in the music video. You will find it entertaining to discover something new every time you watch it.

Q: How did your BLACKPINK bandmates support you on your solo debut?

Even with their busy schedules, they watched over my preparation process and offered valuable ideas. Their positive reactions gave me the courage and confidence I needed. Rosé even joined me on set during the music video shoot in LA, which was a delightful surprise. Sometimes it can be lonely doing things on your own, but seeing Rosé fully recharged me.

Q. What message would you like to share with your fans?

I’m finally here to meet you, BLINKs! I know how long you’ve been waiting for my songs and I’m thrilled to face new experiences. Thank you, BLINKs, for always being my biggest supporters. Let’s make lots of amazing memories together!

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