The Most Dangerous Character in ‘The Glory’ According to Criminal Psychologist

the glory characters

Professor Park Ji Sun, a criminal psychologist, analyzed the characters in The Glory during her appearance on the YouTube show MMTG.

1. Which is the most dangerous character if met in real life?

the glory characters
Credit: Netflix

Professor Park’s choice was Choo Jung Ho. Choo Jung Ho, played by Heo Dong Won, is a teacher with a higher rank than Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), who harasses Moon Dong Eun because she doesn’t show “proper respect.” Furthermore, he commits the crime of taking illegal photos of the little kids. Professor Park explained, “Choo Jung Ho is the person with the most potential to harm the most victims. He takes strange photos of young children, and those kids may not even realize that they are being harassed.”

2. Who’s the worst perpetrator in Moon Dong Eun’s life?

the glory characters
Credit: SBS

Professor Park stated, “Park Yeon Jin has no responsibility or obligation toward Dong Eun, but her mother is different.” Referring to the scene where Dong Eun sobs and says, “How can you abandon me again?” upon reuniting with her mother, Professor Park commented, “The expression ‘abandon me again’ shows that Dong Eun still has expectations from her mother. Therefore, she continues to get hurt. Thus, Dong Eun’s mother (Park Ji Ah) is the worst.”

3. Is Park Ji Yeon (Lim Ji Yeon) a psychopath?

the glory characters
Credit: Netflix

Professor Park explained, “There is a saying that real psychopaths are not behind bars. Didn’t Yeon Jin also escape all the punishment? In fact, there are kids who only give orders in the back in torturing other students in school, just like Yeon Jin. And they are psychopaths hiding in our society.”

However, there is a scene where Park Yeon Jin breaks down when her daughter finds out about her past. Professor Park said, “When you see her getting frustrated after being exposed, Yeon Jin seems to really love Ye Sol [her daughter]. In fact, in cases like serial killers Yoo Young Chul or Kang Ho Sun, they all showed so much love for their children.” 

Nonetheless, Professor Park did not view Park Yeon Jin as a psychopath, citing the scene where she pleaded with her mother when they met in prison. “If she were a psychopath, she would not have shown that much emotion. She’d not have been that devastated by feeling abandoned by her mother.”

4. Did Ha Do Young (Jung Sung Il) feel guilty afterward?

the glory characters
Credit: Netflix

Ha Do Young, who showed disgust toward Park Yeon Jin’s murderer, killed Jeon Jae Joon (Park Sung Hoon) with his own hands. Professor Park stated, “People like him do not trust others, so they think they have to do the killing themselves. The higher their status in the world, the less they trust people. He probably thought it was necessary.”

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