Shin Jae Ha Reflects on Memorable Scenes from ‘Crash Course in Love’ and Challenges of ‘Taxi Driver’ 2

shin jae ha crash course in romance
shin jae ha crash course in romance
Credit: Esquire

Esquire magazine has released a pictorial and interview featuring Shin Jae Ha, who played Ji Dong Hee in Crash Course in Romance.

The actor who played Ji Dong Hee chose the scenes where he had his first argument with Choi Chi Yeol (played by Jung Kyung Ho) and the final scene where he made an extreme decision as the most memorable scenes from the drama.

He said, “I usually talk a lot and play jokes with Jung Kyung Ho on set, but that day, the overall vibe was particularly solemn and serious. Even after the production had ended, the memory of the scene and the emotions associated with it continued to affect me emotionally.”

shin jae ha crash course in romance
Credit: Esquire
shin jae ha crash course in romance
Credit: Esquire

Regarding his appearance in Taxi Driver Season 2 as On Ha Joon, the actor said, “I’m being very careful with my words since the drama is still on air. However, I can say that On Ha Joon is a complex character with multiple layers. It would be more enjoyable for viewers to observe what kind of story he has in store for viewers.”

He also talked about his challenging action scenes in the drama, saying, “During my school days, I was confident with using my body as I played ice hockey, but now it’s different. It felt awkward to film those scenes at first. Even the action director was concerned.”

Shin Jae Ha revealed that he pushed himself to take part in as many projects as he could in his 20s, but his thoughts changed in his 30s after finishing his military duties. He shared, “I was obsessed with accomplishing something before my enlistment. However, I realized that it wasn’t what I really wanted. So, I decided to take my time and try to be more relaxed when acting, which made my performance more natural and joyful.”

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