Three Rage-Inducing Villains in Netflix’s ‘The Glory’

the glory villain

Among the many villains in Netflix’s The Glory, three of them clearly stood out.

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In part two of The Glory, Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) chooses Moon Dong Eun’s mother Jung Mi Hee (Park Ji Ah) as the new “curling iron” to torture Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo). In part one, Jung Mi Hee took off with a large sum of money we settled for without any regard for Dong Eun’s feelings. This woman whom we thought had disappeared returns to commit an even more malicious act. She takes bribes from the parents of the students in Dong Eun’s class to force her daughter to retire as a teacher. Despite her despicable actions, she feels no remorse whatsoever. Park Ji Ah, who played Jung Mi Hee, has risen to the top villain through this work. Although she might not be a leading actress, she showed a significant presence and left a lasting impression. The actress has appeared in Epitaph, Spirits’ Homecoming, Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum, and more.

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Lee Moo Saeng, who played Kang Young Chul, the one who killed Joo Yeo Jung’s (Lee Do Hyun) father, stirred up viewers’ anger with his madman gaze and anger-inducing lines. In part two, Kang Young Chul digs into Joo Yeo Jung’s weakness and ridicules him, provokingly asking him “A doctor can’t kill people, can he?” However, he feels terrified when Joo Yeo Jung unexpectedly fights back. Lee Moo Saeng said, “I referred to books about psychopaths to take an unusual approach to a psychopath character. I thought about how to effectively express the character in the screen time I had.” Last year, Lee Moo Saeng captured women’s hearts with his portrayal of Kim Jin Seok in JTBC’s Thirty-Nine. His acting prowess that pulled off two completely different roles have drawn praises.

Credit: Netflix

Finally, Lee Seok Jae (Ryu Sung Hyun), the vicious husband of Moon Dong Eun’s reliable ally Kang Hyun Nam (Yeom Hye Ran), is also an indispensable villain in The Glory. Not only does he beat up his wife and daughter, but he also shamelessly asks about his 14-year-old daughter, “Which bar is she working in?” when he discovers that his wife is packing some cash. He is the worst kind of scum. Ryu Sung Hyun, who played the shameless Lee Seok Jae, has appeared in New World, Confidential Assignment, Taxi Driver, and more.

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