Kim Ji Hoon Credits His Good Looks to His Parents on SBS’s ‘My Little Old Boy’

kim ji-hoon family
kim ji-hoon famil
Credit: SBS

Kim Ji Hoon‘s parents made a surprise appearance on the latest episode of SBS’ My Little Old Boy.

One of the show’s MCs, Shin Dong Yup, expressed surprise at Kim Ji Hoon’s good looks, saying “I bet you’ve been told you’re handsome since you were young.”

The actor replied that he inherited his good looks from his parents and that his father had even worked as a TV commercial actor.

When asked about what he thinks is his best feature, Kim Ji-hoon replied, “Since I’ve been doing pull-ups, my latissimus dorsi muscles have become more defined. I think that looks cool.”

kim ji-hoon famil
Credit: SBS

The other MC, Seo Jang Hoon, wittily remarked, “That’s how good-looking people would always respond. It means they already know they look good.” Kim Ji Hoon humbly replied, “I don’t think viewers would appreciate it if I were to say that I find myself handsome.”

The celebrity also spoke about his long hairstyle, saying, “It’s been 3 to 4 years since I started growing my hair. I unintentionally grew it out while I was on break, but many of my friends complimented me on my long hair and that’s how I started to like it.”

Despite being a perfectly good-looking star, he also acknowledged his lack of talent in music, saying, “I love music, but unfortunately, I have zero talent in it. Even though I’m not very competent in music, I still want to work hard and show everyone that I can do it one day.”

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