Kim Da Mi Says She Was Drawn to ‘Soulmate’ Because of the Realistic Character

kim da mi soulmate
kim da mi soulmate
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Kim Da Mi told various stories in a promotional interview for the movie Soulmate.

Soulmate tells the story of two best friends Mi So (Kim Da Mi) and Ha Eun (Jeon So Nee), who just knew they’d be best friends the first moment they met, and a boy Jin Woo (Byeon Woo Seok) who walks into their life. Kim Da Mi plays Mi So, a free-spirited girl.

First, she talked about why she chose the movie. “I started Soulmate right after finishing The Witch and Itaewon Class. I had a strong desire to play a normal character then, and at the time, I was recommended the original movie (Soul Mate) and heard it was getting a Korean remake.”

The actress added, “Soulmate had characters I’ve never tried before, I wanted to go for it. ‘What will I show next?’ is my top priority. I try to choose a different genre, different characters (for my new projects).”

Regarding her character Mi So, she introduced, “I thought she’s free-spirited on the outside but is actually quite delicate. She just pretends not to be. Only Ha Eun knows Mi So’s real personality. So I tried to focus on Ha Eun as much as I could while acting.”

Mi So and Ha Eun cherish each other more than anyone else and share their innermost thoughts and feelings. “We talked a lot in the beginning. We talked about friendship and love,” Kim Da Mi recalled. “Even if we express ‘love,’ sometimes we get stuck in the word ‘love.’ We discussed emotions that are difficult to express as ‘something that’s neither friendship nor love.'”

In the end, she realized that “friendship is also a part of love.” Kim Da Mi explained that thinking about Mi So and Ha Eun’s relationship allowed her to think about friendship once again.

kim da mi soulmate
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The Soulmate star also mentioned her fellow actors. About Jeon So Nee, Kim Da Mi shared, “When I first saw her, I thought she was sparkling. I was comfortable around her and I thought she was a deep thinker. I still feel the same way. She still does, but she sometimes wrote me letters. And at the time, I felt her feelings for Ha Eun and for the movie. I’m just grateful to her.”

Then what was it like working with Byeon Woo Seok? “He was so innocent and pure,” she laughed as she commented. “All his actions and words were so ‘harmless.’ I thought he was perfect for Jin Woo. I’m not sure what kind of a man he is, but he has this pure, innocent thing about him, especially his eyes.”

Meanwhile, Soulmate will hit the screen on March 15th.


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