‘Hit the Spot’ Responses to Claims that They Forced an Actress to Shoot Sex Scene

hit the spot drama
hit the spot drama
Credit: Yeonji Instagram, Coupang Play

While the Coupang Play series Hit the Spot was embroiled in a controversy of forcing an actress to shoot a sex scene, the production company released an official statement.

On Monday, Hit the Spot production company told TV Report, “We’ve checked with the actress, and she said she doesn’t regret shooting the sex scene. There’s a controversy over power tripping, but she didn’t mean it that way, so she’s flustered too.” They added, “We don’t know about not informing her about the scene, but we don’t think she pondered over the scene for long.”

Earlier, Yeonji who appeared on Hit the Spot wrote online that she was supposed to shoot the scene in her underwear, but the director suddenly instructed her to expose her buttocks as well. “And I was told I’d be replaced if I didn’t agree,” she added.

“I didn’t want to do it. Not because I was embarrassed about taking my clothes off in front of the people, but because I was worried, ‘What if I’m only offered roles that require me to take off my clothes after shooting this sex scene?'” the actress explained. “But she was the main character of an episode in a commercial drama. I had this desire of wanting to play more than just an extra role.”

Yeonji appeared in 4 minutes in a 40-minute episode, 2 of which were a sex scene. “I wrote an agreement stating that I had fully understood the director’s explanation about the scene before I started filming,” she recalled. “Everyone on the scene was gentle, and I felt like they were being so considerate of me.”

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