Kim Ok Bin Talks About Her Chemistry With Yoo Teo in ‘Love to Hate You’

kim ok bin love to hate you
kim ok bin love to hate you
Credit: Netflix

Kim Ok Bin shared what it was like starring in a romantic comedy series for the first time in her acting career in an interview for Love to Hate You.

Love to Hate You follows a war-like romance between a woman who desperately hates losing to men, and a man who is extremely suspicious of women. Kim Ok Bin stars opposite Yoo Teo as Yeo Mi Ran, a lawyer with excellent martial arts skills.

The actress said, “When I was in my 20s, I thought romantic comedies were not my thing, so I was reluctant to star in those types of dramas. However, I found myself fed up with playing the same roles over and over again and wanted to make an acting transformation. While I was looking for something different, I received the script for the current project. At first, I was worried and afraid that rom-com series are only for certain actors. People might think doing the romance genre is easier and simpler than doing other genres. But that is certainly not true as it requires more energy and preparation than you think.” She added, “After filming the show, I regret being too intimidated by the genre and not doing more of them when I was young.”

kim ok bin love to hate you
Credit: Netflix

Kim Ok Bin did all the stunts in the drama. “I can do most of the action scenes on the spot. And I noticed the action scene I did for the series was less difficult than the ones I did before, and I also had to pull off the action scenes in a way that is suitable for a romantic comedy series. So I did most of the stunt work for this project, except for the tumbling scenes,” she said.

Kim Ok Bin and Yoo Teo showed their first teamwork through the 2009 film Actresses. The two have since worked together in two different dramas including Arthdal Chronicles and their latest series Love to Hate You.

Regarding her co-star, she shared, “I thought he was very handsome when I first saw him. When I worked with him for Arthdal Chronicles, I thought he was a handsome, middle-aged man who was hot even with wrinkles around his eyes. I have never imagined filming a melodrama with him. I love how he looks now the most.”

Talking about her chemistry with him, she praised him, saying, “He is such a humble actor who has a great passion and love for acting. Even when things are not going his way, he never stops making an effort to prepare for his role. His attitude has a positive influence on me and makes me want to work harder.” She added with a smile, “I don’t think I’ve ever remained close with a fellow actor even after the shooting is over. We still share funny posts and like each other’s Instagram.”


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