Moon Ga Young Shares Her Opinions on ‘The Interest of Love’ Ending

the interest of love moon ga young
the interest of love moon ga young
Credit: KeyEast

Moon Ga Young talked about the open ending of the drama The Interest of Love and her co-star Yoo Yeon Seok. Based on the novel of the same name, JTBC’s The Interest of Love depicts what being in love means from a realistic perspective.

When asked how she enjoyed the final episode, the actress shared, “Firstly, we are all so friendly. Yesterday, we got together to watch the broadcast, and on my way home, I listened to our drama OST. And I lost myself in memories.”

She then showed satisfaction over the open ending. “The original novel ended in episode 12, and the rest was penned by our screenwriter, so I think this was an appropriate ending.” Moon Ga Young went on, “They could’ve gotten married and then gotten divorced, and they might’ve never had children. Soo Young is someone who thinks of what makes her feel insecure first, so I thought hard about where she would look. Should she look at him or somewhere else? But they walked up the hill in one direction, so I think they had pork cutlet together.”

Did Moon Ga Young look up viewers’ reactions afterward? “I saw the reactions coming up right away. They said the scene at the crosswalk with Jong Hyun was really sad.”

“Until now, I’ve starred in many projects where I have to express a lot, and when I met Soo Young, there’s never been a moment where I couldn’t understand her,” the actress explained. “As I reached the latter half, I thought that the viewers would feel relieved if Soo Young cried at least once. But the Ahn Soo Young that I saw cannot cry out loud. There was one time when a tear fell down even when I was trying to hold back my tears, so I had to redo the scene.”

Moon Ga Young continued, “Our drama was about understanding, but when you think about our love history, we can never fully understand the relationship with someone you met at the wrong time.”

the interest of love moon ga young
Credit: KeyEast

She didn’t forget to mention her co-star Yoo Yeon Seok. “He’s very delicate,” Moon Ga Young praised. “We didn’t go into a lot of detail during the rehearsal. There were a lot of scenes that were shot in one take without us calculating it all out. And he took the center and led me so well.”

Lastly, the actress talked about the romance genre that she thieves in. “I think the advantage of the romance genre is that you can act while looking at fellow actors’ eyes for a long time. The fact that I can look into their eyes makes this a great genre.”

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