Kim Nam Gil and Cha Eun Woo’s Relationship Takes an Unusual Turn in New Stills for ‘Island’ Part 2

island part 2
island part 2
Credit: TVING

TVING original series Island is returning with part 2.

Today, TVING confirmed the premiere of Island Part 2 on February 24th. Ahead of the release, the production team gave a brief summary of the main characters of the show.

First, there’s Kim Nam Gil as Ban, who’s been protecting Jeju Island for thousands of years. Whenever Mi Ho is in danger, he shows up with his weapon “Geumgangjeo” to slay the Jungyeomgwi, but when Yohan taunted him, he himself turned into Jungyeomgwi. Later in the show, he confronted Gungtan who continued to threaten Mi Ho.

Lee Da Hee plays Mi Ho, who was in charge of the thrilling tension in part 1 as the main target of Jungyeomgwi. Will she regain her memory of her past life now that she’s met Geum Baek Ju to save Ban?

Moreover, Cha Eun Woo made an impressive transformation into Yohan, the youngest exorcist and priest. He presented two different sides of the character – a charisma of an exorcist as he exorcises Jungyeomgwi and an adorable younger brother to Mi Ho. His emotional performance after he had to kill his own brother Chan Hee (Choi Tae Joon), who’s turned into Jungyeomgwi, became a hot topic.

Lastly, there’s Sung Joon as Gungtan, who was raised alongside Ban as the Jungyeomgwi slayers. In part 1, he continued to provoke Ban by committing serial murders and even made Chan Hee into Jungyeomgwi to kill Mi Ho.

Meanwhile, Island proved to be another K-Fantasy hit, becoming the first Korean content to rank in the Top 10 on Amazon Prime Video for three weeks in a row.

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