Is the School Bullying Scene From Netflix’s ‘The Glory’ Based on a True Story?

the glory true events
the glory true events
Credit: Netflix

The school violence scenes depicted in Netflix’s The Glory were found to have been created from a true story that happened in Cheongju, according to an online community.

In the series, Park Yeon Jin (played by Shin Ye Eun) burns Moon Dong Eun’s (Jung Ji So) body in the school gym with a hair iron curler as revenge for Moon’s choice to report her for school violence to the police.

In May 2006, a similar incident occurred at a middle school in Cheongju. A group of ninth-grade students bullied one of their classmates and physically abused the victim with a safety pin, and even burned the victim’s arm with a curling wand. The physical abuse also resulted in a protruded tailbone, leading to a six-week hospitalization.

In an interview with a local media station, the victim said that the perpetrators bullied them, asking them for money. “What they did to me was pure torture,” the victim stated. The Cheongju District Court issued an arrest warrant to one of the perpetrators, emphasizing the incident’s brutality and significance. The school and instructors were also subjected to administrative measures for poorly handling school violence.

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