Song Hye Kyo Teases a New Face She’s Never Put on Before in ‘The Glory’

song hye kyo the glory
song hye kyo the glory
Credit: ZAPZEE

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Song Hye Kyo shared her thoughts on her upcoming Netflix series The Glory.

Song Hye Kyo talked about playing Moon Dong Eun, a victim of school violence who dreams of merciless revenge, during The Glory press conference held on the 20th.

“It was a character I’ve always wanted to play,” she opened up. “Playing this role broke my heart. Even as I read scripts, I thought, ‘How can this be?’ and (that pain) was perfectly described. I thought it’d come out to be a great project if I just did my part.”

Regarding her transformation into a woman with a vendetta, the actress shared, “I’ve done a lot of romance dramas, so what I show in The Glory might be unfamiliar. It was difficult for me too, but I had fun.”

About playing Moon Dong Eun, she hesitantly recalled, “It was really difficult.” She added, “The young Dong Eun gets scarred defenselessly. Afterward, she gets her revenge on the perpetrators over a long time. Rather than pitying her, I wanted to show how solid she was.” Song Hye Kyo went on, “I wanted to show how she thinks, ‘I’ve gotten a lot sturdier than when I was young, so now I can punish you. I have that kind of power now.'”

Credit: ZAPZEE

Director Ahn Gil Ho praised Song Hye Kyo, “Moon Dong Eun is both weak and strong. I think Song Hye Kyo showed 120% of the role.” Hearing that, writer Kim Eun Sook chimed in, “I want to say 121%. After I first saw the roughly edited version, my jaw dropped. I thought, ‘So Song Hye Kyo can make faces and voices like that.'”

The Glory tells the tale of a woman who puts an elaborate revenge scheme in motion to make the perpetrators pay for their crimes years after surviving horrific abuse in high school. The show will be released on the 30th.

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