Lee Jae Wook Says He Sometimes Gets Jealous When Go Youn Jung Is Filming with Other Actors

lee jae wook and go youn jung
lee jae wook and go youn jung
Credit: ELLE Korea

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Lee Jae Wook and Go Youn Jung posed for ELLE Korea pictorial that reinterpreted the affectionate yet lovely mood they’re presenting in Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow.

The photoshoot was followed by a show interview. When asked about what they expected of each other before the filming began, Go Youn Jung first answered, “I knew that Jae Wook is an amazing actor, but he showed performance beyond expectations on the set. At first, I was surprised by how mature he was, but later on, I was surprised by how cute he was.”

Lee Jae Wook said, “It wasn’t easy even for me to adjust the character according to the story that unfolds three years later, so it must’ve been tougher for Go Youn Jung. But she called me first to rehearse the scripts. I was impressed by her passion.”

lee jae wook and go youn jung
Credit: ELLE Korea

Since Alchemy of Souls takes a unique genre that mixes action, fantasy, and romance, the two actors both agreed that action scenes are the most tough yet rewarding scenes to shoot.

“We appear together in a lot of the scenes, and our situations are quite similar, so I relied on him a lot. So when he’s filming with someone else, I wonder if he’s doing alright,” Go Youn Jung replied. Lee Jae Wook chimed in, “We’ve built this connection between us. Sometimes I get jealous. I want our scenes to be the most endearing and saddest.”

lee jae wook and go youn jung
Credit: ELLE Korea

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