JTBC’s ‘Reborn Rich’ Dethrones ‘SKY Castle’ as the 2nd Most-Watched JTBC Series

reborn rich rating
reborn rich rating
Credit: JTBC

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JTBC’s Reborn Rich broke the viewership record achieved by SKY Castle. 

The fourteenth episode reached a new high in viewership ratings by scoring an average nationwide rating of 24.9 percent. This new sensational drama surpassed the 23.8 percent mark set by the 2018 drama SKY Castle and became the second most-viewed drama in JTBC history. 

Episodes 13 and 14 of Reborn Rich illustrate the family war over the multimillion-dollar inheritance left behind by Jin Yang Chul (played by Lee Sung Min). Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) finds out that his grandfather left nothing to him and that Lee Hang Jae (Jung Hee Tae) betrayed him to become the group’s new leader. However, he overcomes the crisis by inflicting a fatal blow on the Sunyang Group and thwarting the establishment of Sunyang Financial Holding Company. While he celebrates his bitter victory, an unexpected gift from Jin Yang Chul arrives.

Everything surrounding the will turns out to be the grand plan of Jin Yang Chul, who wanted his grandson to become strong enough to surpass him. The real legacy was the Sunyang Micro which killed Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki) in Do Joon’s previous life.

After inheriting the subsidiary, Do Joon begins to destroy his brothers one by one. He stacks the deck by inviting Dong Ki (Jo Han Chul) into the game after learning about his desire to acquire the Sunyang Card. The cold looks he shows after completing the deal with Young Ki foreshadow the unfinished business and the quiet revenge lurking in the heart of Do Joon.

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