DKZ Members on What DKZ Means to Them, Winning First Place with ‘Uh-Heung’ and More

Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Korea

DKZ boys who recently finished their “Uh-Heung” promotion posed for Harper’s Bazaar Korea.

After the photoshoot, the six boys (Jaechan, Kyoungyoon, Sehyeon, Mingyu, Giseok & Jonghyeong) sat down for an interview. Jaechan, who’s in charge of rapping and producing for the act, said, “I”ve always dreamed of winning first place, and this promotion was all the delightful since we achieved that with ‘Uh-Heung.’ Using the support and love of the fans as a driving force, I want to move forward without forgetting the basics.”

Kyoungyoon, the vocalist of DKZ, shared, “I think we are growing without putting a limit to our concept. I want to make music that people around the world can trust and listen to in the future.” Sehyeon piled on that, saying, “I want us to grow into a group that’s not boxed into a certain concept. We plan to challenge various genres.”

Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Korea
Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Korea

When asked about what DKZ means to them, Mingyu answered, “They’re like my parents. There’s so much to learn from them. They are just so awesome when they take care of each other.” DKZ won their first music show with “Uh-Heung,” to which the youngest member Giseok commented, “I have some regret about being too nervous, but I was grateful to have won our first music show. The process of drawing one picture by combining the members’ interpretations of the song was fun.”

Lastly, DKZ’s leader Jonghyeong shared, “I want us to be a group that does music for a long time. I hope that I get to do the work I love with more people.”


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