‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella’ and ‘Reborn Rich’ Both Record All-Time Ratings

reborn rich rating
reborn rich rating
Credit: JTBC

The popularity of JTBC’s Reborn Rich is soaring with every episode. Episode 6 recorded its own best viewer ratings of 14.9%.

In the episode, Jin Do Jun (Song Joong Ki) lost it when he found out that his real family had been victimized by Jin Yang Cheol (Lee Sung Min) and his family’s private equity fund deal. Because of Jin Do Jun’s plot, Choi Chang Chae (Kim Do Hyun), Jin Yang Chul’s son-in-law, became the mayor of Seoul, and Jin Do Jun handed over the Sunyang Group’s financial business to a competitor and cornered Jin Yang Chul to a corner.

Jin Yang Chul used the prosecutors to shake up Miracle Investment, a foreign investment company. When Jin Do Jun faced his grandfather, he revealed that he was the majority shareholder of Miracle Investment, which had been putting pressure on Sunyang Group.

Credit: tvN

Episode 14 of tvN’s Under the Queen’s Umbrella also saw a rise to its best ratings of 14.1%.

In this episode, Hwaryeong (Kim Hye Soo) was thrown into a world of chaos when she learned the identity of Doctor Kwon (Kim Jae Bum), whom she suspected of killing the crown prince; he was Lee Yi Hyun, the younger brother of Prince Tae In who was killed with poison. He learned medicine after leaving with a doctor when he was young and has dreamed of revenge ever since. Having realized the truth, Hwaryeong heralded a tense showoff with Lee Ik Hyeon, drawing interest.

SBS’s The First Respondents also stayed in the 7% ratings, dealing with various incidents and accidents in every episode.

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