3 Key Takeaways From Yim Si Wan and Seolhyun’s ‘Summer Strike’

seolhyun new drama
seolhyun new drama
Credit: Studio Genie

The new Genie TV series Summer Strike is about people who move to a small town to discover who they really are by living a minimalist life outside of the city. Today, the series dropped a 4-minute highlight video, capturing the heart-fluttering encounter of Yeo Reum (Seolhyun), who left the busy city to stay in the small seaside village, and Dae Beom (Yim Si Wan). a librarian of Angok library.

These are the three things to look for in this new drama, set to premiere on the 21st. 

seolhyun new drama
Credit: Studio Genie
#The Story of Everyone Who’s Lived Fiercely

Seolhyun quit her job to move to Angok village to “do nothing.” She’s living out the dream we all had at least once in our lifetime – a comma in life. There, she sleeps and reads books, and does nothing. Though her new lifestyle was not so welcomed by the villagers at first, she slowly grows up as a person through her relationships with Dae Beom and others. The narration – “I want to find the answer before this journey ends on how I should live my life from now on” – basically is the message of his new show.

#Seolhyun and Lim Si Wan’s Most Natural Transformation

Seolhyun and Yim Si Wan took off their splendor and put on the most natural-looking looks. To play Yeo Reum who voluntarily became jobless, Seolhyun barely put on makeup, while Yim Si Wan pulled off the “purest” character he’s ever played as Dae Beom. His impressive looks will shine the most in the library, where Yeo Reum mistakes him as “a pretty sister.” The refreshing chemistry of these two heightens the expectations.

#Relatable Lines

Even the title of this drama is relatable. And you’ll find yourself deeply sympathizing with Yeo Reum’s lines in the highlight video, such as “I go to work. Then I get off work. I’m still barely living,” “The person who hated me the most was myself,” and “I got sick, trying to live up to other people’s standards.”

Source: Studio Genie

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