Ok Taecyeon Talks About His ‘Blind’ Role and Chemistry With Ha Seok Jin and Jung Eun Ji

ok taecyeon blind
ok taecyeon blind
Credit: tvN

Ok Taecyeon shared his closing thoughts on Blind through his agency 51K.

The final episode of tvN’s Blind, which aired on November 5th, brought a terrible serial killer to justice and delivered a heartbreaking yet thought-provoking message to viewers. In the series, Ok Taec Yeon played charismatic homicide detective Ryu Sung Joon.

Q1. What are your final thoughts on ‘Blind’? 

I feel bittersweet. Filming started in February and ended around August, and I think I spent half a year having a blast with everyone involved in the drama. I learned a lot through this project, and I think it will last long in my memory. 

Q2. Why were you attracted to the character of Ryu Sung Joon?

I found him all the more attractive as he made me suspicious from time to time. He looks and acts like an upright man, but he creeps me out sometimes as he gets confused about his own identity. That was what got me into him. 

Q3. What was it like working with your co-stars?

The drama is about a very serious and dark story, so it must have been mentally and emotionally draining for the entire production team to deal with such energy constantly. All the actors worked very hard to lighten up the mood on set, and I think we all had terrific teamwork. Ha Seok Jin and Jung Eun Ji were full of positive energy on set, and thanks to them, we had fun shooting the entire show. I am usually quite high-spirited, and the three of us just hit it off. I think that is why we had a friendly, welcoming atmosphere on the set.

Q4. How do you interpret the ending?

Ryu Sung Joon is a person who has been through a lot as a child. Although some of the things that he thinks happened to him weren’t true, I found him different from others in that he reflected on himself and has a strong will to live an upright life. That being said, I don’t think it’s right to kill someone for revenge as Jung Yoon Jae and Ryu Sung Hoon (played by Ha Seok Jin) did in the show. Through this project, I had some time to think deeply about the message of the drama: accepting the painful past and preventing such things from happening again is what we should do as a member of society.

Q5. What are your future plans?

While filming this series, I saw too much blood and death. So I would like to star in less serious projects to show a new side of myself.  Thank you for watching the series until the end. Hopefully, I can play a bubbly character in my next project.

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  • Your presence as Songjun was perfect like other roles !! Your acting is perfect.I’m learning acting from you.but Taec please try a serious matured romance maybe a melodrama for next projects.no one can make it alive and attractive like you.It suits you the best but don’t know why you don’t try it .untalented ones are doing it and get successful even with low quality acting and projects but the one who can nail it ,doesn’t…😔😔We want a perfect romance drama with the most romantic plot from you.I’m waiting to see you work with KIM EUN SEOK writer 😍😍😍I wana see your most romantic side with most romantic plot 😢😢😢your character can be serious like a charismatic CEO or engineer and husband😍But the plot must be the most romantic one.It will be so sweet trust me.If you wana be far from Dark genres for a while ,Comic is not the only choice.pleaseeeee Taec! We’re waiting I hope you know what we feel and think ,like always you care.always root for the most talented and cool star I’ve found .GO ON! I KNOW YOU’LL DO THAT TOO💚💚

  • Ryu Sung Joon ကိုအားပေးနေပါတယ်
    နောက်လာမယ့် ပွက်ပွက်ဆူနေမယ့် ဇာတ်ကောင်လေူကိုလည့် မျှော်နေပါတယ်

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