OMEGA X Allegedly Seen Physically and Verbally Assaulted by Company CEO

omega x agency ceo
omega x agency ceo
Credit: SBS

SBS released a video of OMEGA X members being physically and verbally abused by the company’s CEO.

Some members of OMEGA X were reportedly assaulted and abused by their agency’s CEO after finishing up a concert in Los Angeles, the final stop on their global tour, on October 22th.

The released clip had the CEO yelling at the idol group members, saying, “Why do you think **s like you deserve to be loved by people? You **s who don’t know what it means to be loved are loved.”

Kang, the alledged rep, yelled at member Jaehan, who was sitting down with symptoms of panic. She yelled, “Get up. If you get sick like this every day, just quit being an idol.” When another member tried to stop her, she continued yelling, saying, “Do you know how many times I collapsed? I was so sick I could’ve died. Even though I was so sick I could’ve died, I worked all night.”

Reports say the CEO’s abusive language continued after arriving at the hotel. When member Taedong tried to help out Jaehan in front of the elevator, she shouted, “Where were you when I was having a hard time?” To which Taedong replied, “He is about to faint any minute.” As he stood against her, Kang said,  “I’ve already collapsed,” pulling Jaehan by his collar and knocking him down on the ground. In the footage, Jaehan was seen sobbing as he rose back to his feet and got on the elevator.

SBS contacted the CEO for a statement, where she denied the allegations of verbal and physical assault, saying, “I’ve never yelled at them nor did I assault them.”

Meanwhile, reports say that the group members had to purchase flight tickets at their own expense to return home as their agency had abruptly canceled their flight back to South Korea.

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