Yeo Jin Goo and Cho Yi Hyun Share What It Was Like Starring in the 2022 Remake of ‘Ditto’

ditto yeo jin goo
ditto yeo jin goo
Credit: iMBC

On the 17th, the upcoming movie Ditto held its press conference, which Director Seo Eun Young, Yeo Jin Goo, Cho Yi Hyun, Kim Hye Yoon, Na In Woo, and Bae In Hyuk attended.

Ditto is a youth romance movie that tells the story of a boy from 1999 and a girl from 2022 as they begin to communicate through an old, mysterious walkie-talkie. It’s the remake of the 2000 movie of the same name.

Yeo Jin Goo turns into Kim Yong. “It was hard to come upon a movie about youth,” he shared. “And I wanted to add a youth movie in my filmography while I’m still in my 20s.” The actor explained about his character: “Up until now, I mostly played roles who are mature compared to his age and who grow after overcoming the pain. But (Yong) is honest about the feeling of love as he should be in his early 20s.”

ditto yeo jin goo
Credit: iMBC

He talked about starring in the remake of a popular movie. “The man and woman characters have been switched, and it was surprising to see how well the two different times were melted into one play,” he shared. “The original movie was such a great piece of work and a movie that I love, so rather than being pressured, I wanted to do a good job and show a new side of myself to the audience.”

Starring opposite Yeo Jin Goo is Choi Yi Hyun as Moo Nee. “I’ve been dying to appear in a project with a comfortable and warm atmosphere, and I got the offer just that moment,” she shared. Unlike Yeo Jin Goo, she’s never seen the original movie. “But it was a movie of my style, and I wanted to show the new version of our own color.”

Meanwhile, Ditto will hit the screen on November 16th.

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