Stray Kids to Sing Their First Love Song in Their New Mini-Album ‘MAXIDENT’

Stray Kids
Stray Kids
Credit: JYP Entertainment

Stray Kids will be singing their first love song.

On the 7th, Stray Kids held a press conference to commemorate the release of the new mini-album MAXIDENT. Combining the word “maximum” with the words “accident” and “incident,” this new title means an unexpected grand accident. With this tune, Stray Kids tackles the universal themes of love and emotion through their maniacal gaze.

The title song “CASE 143” is Stray Kids’ first love song. The boys introduced, “The number 143 is not just a random number; it’s a special code of numbers that symbolizes the English spelling. We interpreted the universal theme of love in our own way.” They then added, “We didn’t make this song, intending to make it a love song. If there were soft love songs in the past, we wanted to make an energetic love song that we can perform to.”

With MAXIDENT, Stray Kids won the title “double million seller,” surpassing 2.37 pre-orders. This is the act’s all-time best record and the first double million among all the JYP artists. “It’s such an honor to make this great record,” the boys shared. “This only came true thanks to the support of our fans and many people.”

Lastly, Stray Kids shared the goal they have for this new album. “It might be a stretch,” they shared. “But we hope that our music is the first thing that comes to mind when people want to receive comfort through music.”

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