Yook Sung Jae, Jung Chae Yeon and More Exude Happy Vibes Behind the Scenes of ‘The Golden Spoon’

the golden spoon jung chaeyeon
Credit: MBC

MBC’s The Golden Spoon released a new behind-the-scenes clip.

The clip began with Yook Sung Jae (playing Lee Seung Chun) preparing his lines with Lee Jong Won (Hwang Tae Yong). When the camera started to roll, the two and Jung Chae Yeon (Na Joo Hee) got together and showed off their sweet chemistry.

During his break time, Yook Sung Jae was also seen holding a camera to himself. He went, “It’s so refreshing to work at a place like this,” and played with the device, turning on and off the facial recognition feature.

Jung Chae Yeon then brought her own camera and approached Jong Won with Sung Jae. However, Jung Won exited the scene as the two mischievous actors never gave him the camera time. He jokingly said, “Goodbye! I’m outta here,” bringing laughter on set.

The scene then switched to Yook Sung Jae filming his scene with Choi Dae Chul, Han Chae Ah, and Seung Yoo — who play Lee Chul, Jin Sun Hyu, and Lee Seung Ah in the drama. With Yook Sung Jae’s brief explanation, the actors began shooting their scenes in a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Moreover, Yook Sung Jae, Lee Jong Won and Jung Chae Yeon were spotted enjoying their breaking time together and making playful eye contact with the behind-the-scenes camera.

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