Nichkhun Shows What Being a True Friend Means When Wooyoung Suddenly Asks Him to Lend 70 Million Won

2pm nichkhun
2pm nichkhun
Credit: KBS

2PM members showed what being a true friend means.

In the recent episode of the KBS variety show Beat Coin, the cast members were given a mission where they had to call their friends and ask to borrow money. Hong Jin Kyung, Cho Sae Ho, 2PM’s Wooyoung, and EXO’s Xiumin had to collect 100 million won (about $69,270) in 20 seconds.

Wooyoung called his teammate Nichkhun and asked, “I’m so sorry, but I’m in urgent need of money right now. You think you can lend me some?” When Nichkhun asked how much, Wooyoung replied, “50 million won (about $34,630).” Without asking any further questions, Nichkhun immediately said yes, asking, “Where should I send it to?” He then showed his worries, “Are you alright, though? You’re not in any kind of trouble, are you?”

Wooyoung didn’t stop there. He asked Nichkhun to help him out and send 20 million won (about $13,860) more. “So 70 million won [approximately $48,480]?” asked Nichkhun, then jokingly added, “Wait, you haven’t killed someone, right?” giving a big laugh.

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