MBC Radio Unveils Behind-the-Scenes Footage of V’s First Time as a DJ

kim taehyung radio
kim taehyung radio
Credit: MBC

BTS’ V impressed the fans with his DJ transformation.

On September 30th, MBC Radio released the behind-the-scenes video of V’s first time as a disc jockey with the title “First time being a DJ! ‘V’ery ‘V’est Special DJ Kim Taehyung (BTSV).”

V hosted Kim Eana’s Starry Night as a special DJ alongside his best friend Park Hyo Shin on the 27th and 28th.

The video started with V’s soft voice. “11 o’clock on the night of September 27th will be a little special,” he said during the radio show. “Did it start 3 years ago? The thought started when I read a fan’s letter about how she’ll be able to overcome her horrible insomnia and get some good night sleep if a man hosts a late-night radio show. I thought, ‘If I ever get a chance, I’d love to try it,’ and when a close friend of mine became a DJ for a week, I willingly followed him, saying, ‘I’d love to join you!'”

On both days, V greeted his fans first after arriving. Posing for them and making a heart with his body, he told his fans, “I’ll do a good job! Aren’t they supposed to be inside? They should be here,” showing regret that he couldn’t meet them closer.

Inside the studio, V surprised the staff with his thorough preparation. Having a read-through and asking questions V, shared, “I thought I had to say it in dialect, so I called my friend in Daegu and learned how to speak in dialect.”

Even during the show, V showed his love for his fans watching him from the outside. The fans wrote comments – “Taehyung is always so strict to himself. Of course he’d have prepared well.” “V’s voice was so sweet and soft, perfect for radio.” “He kept showing his love for his fans. Thank you so much!”

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