‘One Dollar Lawyer’ Stars Namkoong Min and Kim Ji Eun Talk About Their Roles and Their First Impression to the Series

One Dollar Lawyer
One Dollar Lawyer
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus has released interviews with One Dollar Lawyer stars Namkoong Min and Kim Ji Eun.

The interview started with a question about their characters, Chun Ji Hoon and Baek Ma Ri. Namkoong Min said, “I get this question a lot, and it doesn’t get easier every time I answer it.” But he soon briefly introduced his character, saying, “Chun Ji Hoon is a man with a past who cleverly helps those in desperate need of help.” Regarding why he only accepts a dollar in return for his legal defense, he raised curiosity about the series, saying, “There’s an untold story behind it.”

Kim Ji Eun introduced Baek Ma Ri as “a character full of confidence,” adding that “she grows more mature as she meets Attorney Chun.” When asked about why she chose to star in the show, the actress said, “I decided to hop on the project as Namkoong Min was in it.”

Regarding Attorney Chun’s unique fashion sense, Namkoong Min explained, “When I first read the script, Chun Ji Hoon was not a fashionable character. But I thought it would be nice to have something unique about him, so I paid for his outfits out of my own pocket.”

Kim Ji Eun and Namkoong Min closed the interview by describing the show as, “an entertaining yet heart-warming drama” and “a drama that leaves no room for boredom,” heightening the anticipation for the upcoming episodes. 

Source: Disney Plus

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