5 Expensive Chairs & Couches Celebs Own in Their Home

g-dragon house

Recently, KBS’s Entertainment Weekly revealed celebs who own expensive chairs and couches.

Lee Jung Hyun house
Credit: KBS

Fifth place went to Lee Jung Hyun. Her couch made in Italy is worth 48 million won (about $34,360), and the chair next to it is from a Danish brand and costs about 3 million won (about $2,150). Combining just these two is about 53 million won (about $37,940).

Kai I Live Alone
Credit: KBS

EXO’s Kai came in fourth. Kai’s house was briefly shown in I Live Alone. The couch in the living room is from an Italian brand that costs about 48 million won. The four dining chairs in the kitchen are from a German brand worth 2.5 million won (about $1,790) each. The idol also owns a Gucci velvet chair, which is said to be worth about 10.5 million won (about $7,520). The estimated price of the chairs Kai owns is around 80 million won (about $57,300).

junsu house
Credit: KBS

Junsu, aka XIA, ranked third. The singer, who made headlines after purchasing the penthouse for 4.8 billion won (about $3.44 million), revealed his luxuriously decorated inside of the house on the air. He decorated the rooms with furniture from a luxurious Italian brand, and they’re all custom-made. The desk and chair cost about 35 million won (about $25,060), and the beige leather couch in the living room cost about 90 million won (about $64,400), and it is said that this certain brand is one of the favorites of the world’s richest people.

yoo ah in house
Credit: KBS

Second place went to Yoo Ah In. Yoo Ah In’s house became a hot topic when he appeared in I Live Alone, especially his luxurious white couch was mentioned a lot. This Italian product that got nicknamed “Yoo Ah In’s couch” after the broadcast is priced at 40 million won (about $28,600). The two couches on the second floor of the house cost 33 million won (about $23,600) and 20 million won (about $14,300). The total price of the furniture in Yoo Ah In’s house is expected to be over 130 million won (about $93,100).

g-dragon house
Credit: KBS

First place went to G-Dragon. The artist made headlines when he paid for the penthouse worth 16.4 billion won (about $11.75 million) in cash. G-Dragon drew attention with the interior of the house reminiscent of a gallery, and it’s said that many of the pieces are the works of Jean Prouv�, a French architect and designer. The representative work of Jean Prouv� that costs about 1.7 million won (about $1,220) is placed throughout the house, and since there are eight of them spotted, the estimated price of only the chairs is around 13.6 million won (about $9,740). Then there is also a couch designed by French designer Jean Royer, which can only be purchased at auction, and it’s worth 1.1 billion won (about $787,600). Also, in one of the rooms that G-Dragon himself revealed through a photo, there is a chair designed by Charlotte Perriand. The price of this chair ranges from 8 million won (about $5,730) to 15 million won (about $10,740), and G-Dragon is said to own the largest number of chairs in Korea.

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